Doctor Jafrullah Chowdhury threatened Prime Minister that 15th August will be repeated,...

Doctor Jafrullah Chowdhury threatened Prime Minister that 15th August will be repeated, people are scared


News desk:

BNP supported intellectual and founder of Gonoshastho Kendro Doctor Jafrullah is finding out new ways to aid BNP and create a disturbance among everyone as 11th National Parliamentary Election is knocking on the door. He posed a killing threat to Prime Minister so that he can mount BNP on the throne. He threatened her by saying that 15 August of 1975 will repeat. Meanwhile, special personalities are worried that democracy will be interrupted and for this reason they are demanding his punishment.

Source informed that, Doctor Jafrullah gave a speech in National Press Club VIP Lounge as he was invited by Bangladesh Mass Cultural Party (BaGSoD) on 8th October (Monday). There he spoke about 15th August of 1975 and then threatened the Prime Minister to overthrow her. He also added, 15th August might repeat. That means, perilous people wants to take the power by force and jeopardize the democracy. Doctor Jafrullah said, ‘You should be aware. Do not do such thing so that year 75 has to return.’ Already political field is disturbed because of such statement of Doctor Jafrullah. Civil citizens are also confused that when Bangladesh is going forward and being recognized all over the world at that time why would Doctor Zafrullah say something like that.

Professor of Dhaka University Department of History Dr. Anwar Hossain said, his statement pose a threat to democracy and also gives a hint of a power opposing to democracy. He also added, “I do not understand the fact that why would an elder intellectual like Doctor Jafrullah want to repeat the history of 1975 to return? Why would he threat the Prime Minister? I do not understand. Third Party cannot rise in democratic Bangladesh. People are well aware in this country. They want development. They want democracy. That also means that conspiracies of Doctor Jafrullah will not come true. When the country is enthusiastic about the parliamentary election, at that time he said something which is beyond expectation and made people scared. No doubt that his speech is against the state and democracy. I demand punishment for him.”

A member of Awami League Presidium panel Nuh-Ul Alam Lenin said about the speech that, “Doctor Jafrullah said what was inside BNP’s heart. It has been proved again that BNP is hungry for power and against democracy. It is clear from his speech that, BNP-Jamayat alliance wants to destroy democracy and acquire power using the backdoor. But people of this country will not let them do that. It is necessary to know that who is backing up Doctor Jafrullah that he dared to threat the Prime Minister in this way. Being a politician should not put you in a situation that you will make a speech about killing your opposition. It is proved again that BNP is place of conspirators. I demand the punishment of Doctor Jafrullah.”

Political analysts are thinking that government should act more carefully to ensure democracy regarding upcoming election. They opined, government has to take safety measures so that third party cannot rise up and hinder the development process and cannot put democracy on jeopardy. This independence was bought with the expenses of blood of million, their sacrifice cannot go in vain. Besides, Bangladesh will be able to reach its goal only if the opposition party is stopped. Bangla news post.


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